Support & Tools for Managing Food Donation Programs

Improving the effectiveness of your prepared food rescue program with program management tools is an area HSN is reviewing to help feeding programs identify, access, and implement tools available.

Transportation Training Certification
A training module focused on the transportation of donated food is currently available to help ensure volunteers and employees are knowledgeable of food safe handling practices.  See "Training Resources" button above.  HSN is also working to incorporate a certification process into the training module to provide confirmation and documentation for those who successfully complete training.
Managing Volunteer Operations
Finding and coordinating willing and qualified volunteers is one of the biggest challenges to food donation and food rescue operations.  HSN is identifying and reviewing apps and scheduling tools available and in-use by others to facilitate use by those in need of these systems.
Back Office Administrative Support
Coordinating and managing the unique requirements of a prepared food rescue program can often strain the existing administrative systems of non-profit organizations. Non-profits may also have limited access to the necessary technology or insufficient staffing to effectively manage a prepared food donation program. HSN is working with non-profit agencies to identify the type of back office support needed to effectively manage prepared food rescue operations. 

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