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What does the Harvest Support Network do?

While HSN primarily serves non-profit agencies, we also provide information and resources to others involved in food rescue operations. This includes restaurants and food service businesses who wish to donate surplus prepared food, and individuals and groups who would like to volunteer to transport food donations from donors to non-profits. HSN provides several types of support (click on your choice of an item to learn more):

Defining Perishable Foods:
Donations consisting of perishable foods can include fresh meat, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, and prepared foods, such as entrees and side items donated by restaurants. These are foods that will spoil, rot, or go bad within hours if not refrigerated or frozen. HSN's main focus is on supporting the recovery and re-direction of wholesome, perishable prepared food. HSN also provides information and links to support the donation of non-perishable foods.

HSN has decided to end its legal designation as as a 501C3 charity and will no longer accept donations from the public. Instead support for these activities will be absorbed by FDC and others interested in supporting those that serve the hungry.

Primary reason for changing its legal designation is that the additional resources required to fund-raise did not warrant the non-profit designation.

The Harvest Support Network Inc (HSN) is an organization dedicated to supporting the efforts of others as they seek to redirect and donate surplus food to help needy individuals. Learn how we can support your food rescue efforts by exploring this website!