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Whether you represent a non-profit agency, a food donor, or just want to help out, you can see what other like-minded individuals in the food rescue community are up to by following tweets from the "Prepared Food Rescue" twitter list.
Learn the Latest
Access links to the latest news stories on food donation and food rescue operations. Find out about current or pending laws relating to food safety, legal liability, and tax implications of donating. Read about food rescue operations in other states or countries.
In the News
Food safety: Best-by, sell-by dates
Free Ambulance volunteer helps to expand Capital's food rescue
Business News Reel: Food Bank is recognized for food safety
Share Your Accomplishments
Let others know how you are contributing to the effort by posting a comment, photo or video! How many miles did you drive this year to transport food donations for a local non-profit? How many stomachs has your non-profit filled this year? How many pounds of surplus, wholesome food have you donated to local non-profits this year?